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  • High Quality Malting Barley


    Baltic Malt Company produces malt by means of processing high quality barley of Russian and imported types.

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  • Exclusive approach in malt production


    Warehosing facilities allow to store more than 11,000Mt of malt and 6,000Mt of barley simultaneously using own silos.

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  • Careful grain and malt quality control


    Providing a strict quality control at all production stages, we obtain a reliable sustainability of malt quality to be produced.

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  • Reliable delivery of malt in Russia and across CIS.


    Taking care of our clients, we optimize transport costs to reduce customer’s prices.

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  • Advanced production facilities of foreign producers.


    Production facilities are produced and being serviced by «Buhler AG» and «Siemens».

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  • Packed malt for private brewing companies and craft breweries


    Automatic malt packed line in bags of 40 kg for Craft breweries.

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is a reliable supplier of Pilsner, Munchen and Wheat types of beer malt throughout Russia and CIS

We are working to satisfy your needs!

Baltic Malt Company possesses all required certificates including Saint-Petersburg Test LLC within GOST R System,
and also collaborates with VLB.

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